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Air Force One had a villainous backstory that we never got to see

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Marlowe now claims that the exact backstory of Gibbs he wrote has “gone to the wind.” It’s been over 28 years since i wrote it. He was able, however, to paint broad strokes. He was able specify that the “financial motive” was not a political motivation.

“[Gibbs]He was a guy who never achieved the career he desired and could not afford to buy the things he desired in life. He didn’t feel like a special person in his world, and those are the ingredients of someone who can grow, who can turn, who can pay off.

Gibbs reveals to Marshall that he is a traitor only when they are trying evacuate the plane. Petersen, according to Marlowe felt that this was not the right time to provide any more explanation: “Hey we can’t interrupt the movie when the face-off is between the President and the Secret Service Agent to have this exposition,” he recalled the director saying.

Korshunov’s patriotism is a vague hint at Gibbs motivation. “Mr. Marshall, do I know how I got onto this plane?” Money. Money.

According to Marlowe “couch” is a term that he uses.[ing]” In Korshunov’s mind, capitalism corrupts. Marlowe continues: “We have seen these people, who were traitors to our nation, who have become assets and have been paid off. They get their money but have lost their belief. For me, that was enough, seeing it from Gary Oldman’s side.”

Gibbs does not agree with my decision. Need to know more?Motivation is not just about money. There is no need to explore it further. After all No one watches “Air Force One”, for the politics.

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