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Easy Directed Art Project

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Student Sample Art

If you would like to have your students practice drawing faces, and you’re tired of seeing them draw really small, this self portraits for kids project may be just what you are looking for. It tells them to practice their facial proportions by drawing from the top of the paper to the bottom.

Self-portraits are a great project for students of any age, as they allow them to express themselves in a unique way. The more they understand the fundamentals of drawing a face, the more freedom they have to draw their own.

Using Drawing Guides

It is best to give students a few simple guidelines to follow when they are starting to draw. Does that mean drawing or printing them first? Nope. Folding the paper will help you get quick guides. The creases will tell you where to begin and end your lines. All tutorials on this site have at least two horizontal and vertical dashed lines that can be used as quick and easy references. They disappear once the art has been colored in.

Why Make a Half-Portrait with Your Students?

Students tend to obsess about making perfect matching eyes, ears, etc. when they draw anyone’s face, especially their own. By drawing half the face they can concentrate only on one eye, half the nose and so on. Drawing half a face takes less time, so you can make your name more elaborate if you want.

This Half Portrait makes for a great back-to-school project as it will help everyone learn each other’s names, and doesn’t require fancy supplies or take a lot of time. Imagine how colorful your classroom would look with so many faces on display. This project has been a hit with many teachers. It’s a keeper, as they say.

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