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Easy How to Draw A Valentine Bear Tutorial Video and Coloring Page

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Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial for how to draw a Valentine Bear and a Valentine Bear Coloring Page. There’s nothing like a hand drawn Valentine card!

Valentine Bear Drawing

Why Draw Teddy Bears?

Learning how to draw overlapping shapes is one of the first ways students learn about depth.⁠ An easy example can be found with this How to Draw a Valentine Teddy Bear tutorial.⁠ Students first draw the object in front, (the heart) and then what is behind (the bear).⁠ The overlapping shapes create the look of the bear holding the heart, instead of just leaning up behind it.⁠

When children are learning to draw, they produce their best work when there is what I call AnchorPoints to refer to. You can ask them to, for instance. “place their pencil in the center of a sheet of paper and draw up and back to the center for half of a heart”This is much clearer than asking them to “draw half a heart”. That’s why I recommend folding paper Before you begin, please read the following:Draw a horizontal and a vertical guide before you start. They take the guesswork out getting the large heart centered in the paper. Once the heart is in position, drawing this simple teddy a cinch.

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A step by step tutorial for how to draw an easy Valentine Bear, also available as a free download.

Valentine Bear Coloring Page

Materials for Valentine Bear Project

Valentine Bear Project – Step by step instructions

Draw a Valentine Bear with Heart

Apart from the benefits of drawing, it is also a great way to create a unique gift for someone on a special occasion. Next month is one of those special days, and students can make a beautiful Valentine card by learning how to draw a Valentine Bear.

Even very young artists can draw this bear, with its paws, heart and paws. They hardest part will be deciding how to finish it off — paints, crayons, markers?

If the drawing looks a little taller than my other letter size projects, it’s because it is proportioned to fit well on a folded 9″ x 12″ sheet of paper. This makes a beautiful card and the smaller artwork is easier to complete in a single class session.

Download a PDF tutorial using the button below

Valentine Bear Drawing as a card

Valentine Bear Coloring Page

Student Art Inspiration

Bear by Samaya, age 5.

Valentine Drawing Projects

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