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Oil Pastels vs. Mushy Pastels – A Comparability

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What’s the Distinction Between Oil Pastels and Mushy Pastels?

Oil pastels and comfortable pastels are extraordinarily completely different from each other. Though each mediums are known as “pastels”, they’re completely different mediums totally. On this lesson, we’ll see simply how completely different they’re.

The Binder

To know the variations between oil pastels and comfortable pastels, we have to begin by having a look on the compositional make-up of every materials. That begins by having a look at what’s known as binder. Binder is the fabric that holds the pigment collectively. All coloured artwork supplies embody pigment and binder. Pigment is what provides the colour, and binder is what holds the colour collectively.

Mushy pastels characteristic a gum or methyl cellulose binder.

Soft pastel binder

However oil pastels characteristic an oil and wax binder.

Oil pastel binder

As a result of these two binders are extraordinarily completely different from each other, the supplies are going to behave otherwise on the floor. Which means we have to strategy utilizing them otherwise as nicely. Due to its binder, comfortable pastels are utilized dry. They’re noticeably powdery and simply blended or smudged with a finger.

Blending soft pastels

This differs from oil pastels, that are utilized in additional of a moist method. Oil pastels by no means dry utterly due to their binder. They’re just a little bit harder to mix with a finger in comparison with comfortable pastels.

Layering oil pastels

Surfaces for Pastels

Mushy pastels are usually utilized to textured papers. The textured floor, in fact, permits for layered purposes permitting you because the artist to fill within the tooth of the paper to construct up complexity within the coloration. Oil pastels are most frequently utilized to textured papers similar to comfortable pastels, however oil pastels, due to their binder, could be utilized to just about any floor, together with glass.

Oil Pastel and Mushy Pastel Habits

Sometimes, oil pastels are extra intense in coloration in comparison with conventional comfortable pastels. Due to their similarities to crayons and coloured pencils, oil pastels behave extra like a crayon after they’re utilized. You may see right here that layering produces some mixing.

Mixing oil pastels

Mushy pastels, nonetheless, are extra like chalk. They’re powdery and unfastened, and simply blended with a finger or mixing instrument.

Oil pastels can be blended, however usually we don’t use a finger to mix them. Oil pastels could be blended utilizing a colorless blender, however you may also use portray mediums to mix the fabric as nicely. Mediums akin to terpenoid or different oil portray mediums may even work for mixing oil pastels.

Blending oil pastels

Methods for Oil Pastels and Mushy Pastels

Most of the identical methods used for comfortable pastels could be utilized to grease pastels. For instance, scumbling and feathering are two methods used for each mediums.

Oil pastel and soft pastel techniques

Oil pastels, nonetheless, could be scratched and faraway from the floor. You should use this attribute to create textures within the floor or take away oil pastel from the floor utterly. Oil pastels could be utilized in a thick method imitating impasto oil portray methods. Mushy pastels, nonetheless, due to their dusty powdery nature stay pretty flat on the floor.

As a result of oil pastels are so sticky, chances are you’ll discover a few of the materials sticking to different colours of pastels. After all, while you apply this to the floor, you’ll see some contamination. So with oil pastels, it’s vital to concentrate to the tip of your stick and ensure it’s clear earlier than making use of it to the floor. Mushy pastels, nonetheless, don’t share this attribute. You don’t actually have to fret an excessive amount of about contamination while you’re utilizing comfortable pastels.

Oil pastel contamination

Mushy pastels effortlessly cowl over different purposes, very similar to an opaque portray medium. As you’ll be able to see right here, I’m including blue dots excessive of a darker blue and it’s simply seen with a really mild contact.

Layering soft pastels

Oil pastels are additionally able to this, but it surely requires just a little bit extra effort. With most purposes, a few of the colours already on the floor will affect the colours that you just add on prime.

Oil Pastels vs. Mushy Pastels – Conclusion

Each comfortable pastels and oil pastels are clearly able to producing wonderful outcomes, which may appear like a portray. But it surely’s vital to notice that despite the fact that each of those supplies are known as pastels, they’re usually not utilized in mixture with each other. This in fact goes again to the truth that their binders are so extraordinarily completely different, making them utterly completely different mediums.


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