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Seth MacFarlane began his TV career with a home-made episode of Star Trek

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MacFarlane was around 16 or 17 years old when he appeared on his fan film. The movie was made by resourceful Internet dwellers. It should be easy to find. The film features MacFarlane and Gustav Holst as its stars. Captain KirkScotty off-screen barking orders that he needs more power. MacFarlane does a pretty good Shatner impression, even for a teenager. The short features some rudimentary SFX, including blue-screen compositing. This was pretty advanced for amateurs of the late 1980s. John Parley played Spock, but he did not pursue a career in TV. MacFarlane only identified the actor who plays Uhura as “Anouk.”

The short follows U.S.S. The short follows the U.S.S. This is a serious “Star Trek” tribute, so don’t look for a joke or comedy at the end. MacFarlane thanked Anouk and John after watching the clip (something they probably didn’t expect to happen).

MacFarlane’s reaction to the short was typical of his style. He said that all he could think about was his wig and how young he was.

“First, I don’t know what they did to my head. But, yeah… I wish I’d known that I would be old and I could tell her to get a bag from the corner store and eat the whole thing in one sitting.

MacFarlane will be 51 in 2024.


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