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Tammy Slaton Tears Up At Her Husband’s Funeral

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Tammy SlatonShe struggled with the death of her husband. Caleb Willingham, and was visibly hurting at his funeral. 

The emotional moment was captured in a new clip from the season finale of TLC’s “Sisters weighing 1000 lbs,” where her loved ones surrounded her during a memorial service for the 40-year-old, who passed away last year.

Tammy Slaton Says Losing Willingham Was A ‘Different Kind Of Hurt’

Even though Tammy and Caleb were reportedly estranged when the latter died, the reality television star’s pain at the loss was as deep as ever.

Tammy is heard touching on the subject when her brother Chris asks, “Tammy, how are you doing today, baby?” as they head to the memorial. “I’m having my ups and downs, I guess. It hurt when Grandma died, but this is a different kind of hurt… it sure is a pretty day though,” she responded tearfully.

Her sister, Amy, shed more insight on her feelings, saying that Tammy is “numb right now” and “she doesn’t know how to feel.” Amy then added, “She doesn’t know how to process grief like a normal human being. We were told not to embrace our feelings, but to push them down. So, she’s just trying to manage the way she can.”

Upon arriving at the memorial, the family reunited with their friend Billy, a home care nurse who officiated Caleb and Tammy’s wedding. It only took a hug from Billy for the TLC star to break down in tears while the former assured her that “everything will be okay.” Billy spoke out about the tragic event:

“Nine months ago, Tammy asked me to officiate her wedding. It’s really hard to put into words how to go from one extreme of officiating a wedding and just watching Tammy in the happiest points of her life just to turn around and in less than a year I have to witness her in the most tragic time of her life.”

The essence of the lovebirds’ relationship was previously captured in Tammy’s statement following Caleb’s death in June 2023. She exclusively informed PEOPLE:

“He was my best friend, and I loved him dearly. Caleb became my guardian when I met him, and he is now really watching over me. Our families appreciate everyone’s sympathy and ask that you respect our privacy at this time.”

Notably, Caleb’s death has not stopped Tammy from looking for love again. As reported by The BlastHer interest in a relationship was confirmed when she posted a picture on the Facebook Dating site that showed her trimmed-down body.

The 37-year-old’s profile also included details such as her height listed as 5 ‘3, her occupation as a YouTuber, and an admission of being an occasional smoker. In terms of her goals on the dating site, she expressed her interest in “chatting, friendship, or a long-term relationship.”

While Tammy’s dating profile did not specify a preference for a male or female partner, it was revealed that she is open to exploring relationships with both genders.

A source close to the actress claimed in August 2023 that she wouldn’t mind being in relationship with a female. The source described Tammy as being “in her bad b— era” and stated, “Tammy is pansexual, and she’s looking to date a woman right now.”

Tammy’s Preferences were reaffirmed during a conversation with her fans

Tammy seemingly confirmed the insider’s claims in January when she addressed questions about her gender identity on TikTok. She clarified during the session that she was not transgender and is a supporter for everyone. 

In discussing her sexuality, the superstar, appearing noticeably trim in a plaid outfit, revealed, “Well, I was saying I was pansexual but I kinda stopped messing with guys after my husband passed. So, I’m like a lesbian.”

Tammy expressed her belief in “love is love” and that “everybody deserves love,” identifying herself as “just a lover.” The message followed a steamy video she posted while lying in bed. 

In the seven-second clip, the transformed “1000-LB Sisters” star made seductive faces, accompanied by Eric Bellinger’s “Or Nah” playing in the background, as observed by The Blast.


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